NVUSD Uses Naviance to Anchor New Adelante Migrant Education Program

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About Napa Valley Unified School District

Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD), located in California, serves more than 17,000 students across 29 schools. NVUSD believes in transforming lives by instilling and inspiring lifelong learning in every student. With the understanding that every student has their own talents, interests, needs, and goals, NVUSD offers an array of learning opportunities, including rigorous academic courses, robust Career Technical Education options, and diverse extracurricular and athletic programs. To meet every student’s unique needs, students in the district have the option to learn in a range of settings — traditional neighborhood schools, magnet schools, independent study, dual immersion English-Spanish programs, and online.

About the Migrant Education Program

One of the most impactful programs NVUSD offers is the Migrant Education Program. This is a federal program that supports migrant families, many of whom must move often as a result of their work in the agricultural industry. NVUSD’s Migrant Education Program connects students and their families with community and school services including medical and mental health, tutoring support, and resources for clothing, housing, and food.

Adelante Summer Program

In the summer of 2020, NVUSD launched the Adelante Migrant Education Program. The program spanned across four high schools and 80 students. Though Adelante was initially conceived as an in-person program, it — along with many other aspects of life — shifted to a virtual environment this year.

Adelante, which means “onward” in Spanish, offered students in the Migrant Education Program an opportunity to recover high school credits during the summer to ensure they didn’t fall behind. But the Migrant Education Program team didn’t stop there. They knew it was not enough to just get students back on track for graduation — they knew they also had to help them stay on track.

Students need to be able to see beyond graduation; to be able to explore all the different options they have and to set goals for their future that they can start working toward now. The National Education Association has reported that increasing student engagement can be done by connecting what they are learning in school to the real world. What is the purpose of what they are learning? How is this going to help them with their future careers? When we help students connect the dots, they are able to see how what they are doing today directly impacts their future. This will help drive motivation to stay on track and move toward their goals.

Building College & Career Knowledge with Naviance CCLR Curriculum

With this vision in mind, the Migrant Education Program team added a four-week college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) virtual learning program as part of Adelante. They leveraged the Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness Curriculum to provide lessons on building college and career knowledge and creating postsecondary plans aligned to their strengths and interests.

Fun Fact! Napa Valley Unified School District was a key partner in the development and launch of the Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness (CCLR) Curriculum in 2014.

Students completed assessments to learn about their strengths and interests using StrengthsExplorer and My Career Cluster Finder. Then they completed a series of lessons to build their college and career knowledge and planning, including:

  • What’s Your Road
  • My Support Networks
  • Enhancing My Resume
  • Beginning My College Search
  • Paying for College/Financial Aid Options

In a post-program survey, 56% of students indicated that their plans after high school changed because of the CCLR virtual learning program.

Martha Calderon, the AVID Coordinator and EL Teacher at Napa High School, joined the teaching staff for Migrant Education this summer. She shared that many migrant students do not see how college can be an option for them after high school primarily due to finances. Throughout the four-week CCLR program, she was thrilled to see many of those students’ minds expand as they learned about the various postsecondary paths — including college — that exist for them. Martha shared, “The four-week CCLR program helped many students see there are options for them. If they want to go to college, there are financial aid options to make that possible. To see their minds expanded on the possibilities that exist for them was inspiring.”

Watch this video to hear from one of the amazing students in this program.

These additional results from the post-program survey also point to the importance of family engagement. When educators, students, and families work together to support learning, students stay more engaged in school and drive toward success after school. (NEA, 2020)

  • 75% of students indicated an intent to speak with their counselors about classes to help prepare for college and career goals.
  • 91% of students indicated an intent to discuss their college and career goals with their families.

The Naviance team is extremely proud of the vision and dedication that brought the Adelante Migrant Education Program to life this summer. We look forward to partnering together to ensure all students at NVUSD are moving onward toward their future goals.

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