Naviance Course Planner: Align School Work with Career Pathways

ARLINGTON, VA – January 29, 2020 – Hobsons, the education technology leader behind Naviance, announced today the launch of a new Naviance Course Planner, created to give students ownership over their course plans and align them to career interests and graduation requirements. With over 10 million students in 13,000 schools across the United States using its technology, Naviance is the most widely adopted college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) platform in the country.

The new Naviance Course Planner was designed to help school districts meet state mandates and fulfill Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) requirements. ILPs are implemented in 43 states, with 34 of those states mandating use for all students. With Naviance Course Planner, students will develop individual graduation plans based on their school or district’s course catalog. The solution enables students to connect course work to their graduation requirements, postsecondary goals and desired career pathway.

Studies show that only 26% of high school seniors have foundational work readiness skills – students need to know that what they are working on today will positively impact their goals for tomorrow,” said Monica Morrell, general manager of Naviance. “By giving students the tools to align their coursework with their chosen career pathway, Naviance Course Planner will help connect the dots, laying the groundwork for future success.”

At a time when labor force participation for young adults has declined to 71%, its lowest level in almost 50 years, Naviance Course Planner will help ensure young adults are placed in their chosen career field by creating a detailed plan that exposes students to their selected career path at a young age. Within Naviance Course Planner, counselors have the ability to quickly run reports on course plan progress and completion, providing clear checkpoints for students to achieve their post-secondary goals and further career preparedness skills.

Stephanie Freeman, career development facilitator for Fort Smith Public Schools shares why she’s excited for what the new Course Planner will do for their students. “When we were introduced to the new Course Planner, the visual of it was so much more student friendly. We were very wowed by it,” said Stephanie Freeman, career development facilitator, Fort Smith Public School (Arkansas). “It had the assessment piece attached to the course planning so students could see, ‘This is who I am, and these are the course offerings that I’m going to choose, and this is how it relates to my future goals.’”

The new Course Planner is designed based on the collective feedback of dozens of Naviance clients across multiple states to ensure the platform meets the needs of districts, counselors, and students. Prior to the launch, Naviance conducted a successful pilot program with 21 private and public schools in 13 states to confirm that the needs of educators and students, as well as ILPs, were being met.

Watch this video for more information on how the new Course Planner can help your school or district.


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