Naviance Class Share Analysis: Unlock Your Student Recruitment Funnel

Recruiting college students is complicated, unique, data-driven and a little magical. I’m not going to claim it’s one-size-fits-all or that anyone can predict what high school students are going to end up deciding. But I am going to tell you why you need to deepen the analysis of your student data for ROI purposes and then tell you how Intersect can do that for you; for free. Whether you choose to do that analysis on your own or with us, please read about the importance of doing the deep dive so you can unlock your funnel! 

Recruitment is Not a Funnel 

There are lots of analogies out there for looking at the recruitment process as a funnel, a loop or some other shape. We all know it’s not a funnel anymore. For today, let’s compare the funnel and pipeline models.  

The old funnel approach focuses too much on quantity as the total solution and not enough on how the funnel itself leaks. In this scenario, leaks happen in every stage and they happen with all segments regardless of fit. Visually, it helps to think of the funnel as a process that not only includes significant leak, but also gaps between the stages. These gaps visually represent the time and resources it takes to evaluate and transition students from one stage to the next. 

In a more dynamic and effective approach like a pipeline, the focus is on building fit first so there’s less leak at each stage. Comparatively, in this scenario the visual representation has less leak and no gaps between stages. By reallocating time and resources to getting the best-fit students in the pipeline, you increase the effectiveness of the recruitment stages. This, in turn, reduces leak and gaps.

To maximize ROI you need to make sure quality is a focus by shifting from a leaking funnel mentality to a dynamic and effective pipeline. Every admission office is using a multi-pronged approach with numerous tactics and it’s not easy to measure and evaluate their effectiveness. On the flip side, it can get expensive and time-consuming if you don’t take some quality time with your data to really dig in and evaluate your efforts. 

Dive into Your Data 

As you look at each step in your process, how are different segments converting? Can those insights be applied to other segments and/or other stages? For example, are students attending a special info session in one program converting better than those in another? Is there a difference in the programming provided you can replicate to improve the one that isn’t converting as well? Can you pinpoint the successes or challenges with certain students at the applicant, admit, enroll, confirm, and retain stages? At the end of the day, what’s happening with these areas and combinations? 

  • Academic profile range 
  • Permanently reside in a specific mile radius from your campus 
  • Specific interactions with your institution 
  • Major selected 
  • General versus specific content about the institution 
  • Communication method 
  • Timing of communication 
  • What, when, and how often they visit campus 

The key here is that you analyze your data to create a higher quality input and effective transitions between the stages, so the shape is shifted from a funnel to a pipeline. 

Visit to request a conversation about your data with our team. It’s free; not really magical and there’s no catch! 

How does Intersect by Hobsons unlock your funnel? 

A leader in education technology, Hobsons helps students to identify their strengths, explore careers, match to best-fit educational opportunities, create academic plans, and reach their education and life goals. Naviance, a College, Career and Life Readiness (CCLR) platform under Hobsons, serves over 40% of all U.S. high schools. Intersect offers a unique channel to identify, engage and recruit Naviance students, who are more likely to apply, admit and enroll at your institution. Due to the Naviance process, the students that connect with an institution through Intersect Connection have a higher level of demonstrated interest. By signing up for a free NCSA, your institution will receive an analysis of your data compared against our database. 

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