Meet Students Where They Are: Declutter Your Technology to Improve Student Experience

Providing students with online access to resources is more important than ever, and colleges and universities are searching for ways to modernize their technology systems in order to improve the student experience. 

In this webinar recording, Julia Arreguy, Software Integration Manager, at Sierra College, shares key insights and specific examples from Sierra College’s work to declutter their technology and integrate Starfish to streamline the experience for students across scheduling, degree planning, and student onboarding workflows. 

Key discussion themes will include:

  • Assessing “current state” technology and identifying areas for improvement
  • Putting student experience first in decluttering the technology
  • Strategies for unifying student experience across platforms
  • How to improve scheduling, degree planning, and onboarding workflows using the LMS and Starfish

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Topics Higher Ed Student Success and Advising

Student Success & Advising

Achieve 2x increases in your retention rate, exceed graduation rate goals, and set the standard for student success in higher education. Identify and support students who are struggling before it’s too late.

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