Introducing Starfish 7: Our Fully Integrated Student Success Solution

This past July 17-19, we welcomed hundreds of higher education leaders at our annual Hobsons University in Indianapolis for several days of learning, best practice sharing, and celebration.

For Starfish, we were especially excited to celebrate the official launch of Starfish 7, the latest version of our Starfish Enterprise Success Platform and the first fully-integrated enterprise product for student success in higher education. By pairing Starfish’s capabilities for in-depth advising, case management, and degree planning with the PAR Framework’s predictive analytics, performance benchmarking and intervention inventories, our new iteration of Starfish allows higher education institutions to impact student progress and success from within one platform.

The newest features added to the updated Starfish platform were created based on the feedback from our client community, and include:

  • Embedded Analytics. Starfish 7 includes predictive analytics based on the research and methodologies developed by the PAR Framework (acquired by Hobsons in 2016) that will deliver useful data to both advisors and institutional leadership. With user-friendly reports for benchmarking, student risk analysis, course pathway review, and more, Starfish 7 clients have the critical data at their fingertips – and an award-winning toolset to turn that data into action.
  • An Integrated Intervention Inventory. The updated Starfish platform now provides access to the Student Success Matrix (SSMx), a powerful tool for defining and sharing the student supports that exist across campus. The SSMx includes tools to measure and track interventions across known risk predictors, allowing institutions to identify and scale efforts that are making the biggest improvement.
  • Support for Pathways. The academic planning capabilities in Starfish 7 include more robust student interfaces for establishing core requirements, adjusting plans to reflect a student’s changing needs, and connection to course registration systems.
  • A Stronger Starfish Core. More than 350 colleges and universities currently use Starfish alerts, calendars, and case management tools to identify at-risk students and help them get back on track. Starfish 7 includes improvements to this core feature set, including student onboarding, alert workflows, and reporting.
  • Accessibility. Starfish 7 features WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance, validated by WebAIM, which exceeds the typical government standards for accessibility and reaffirms Hobsons’ commitment to creating inclusive, accessible software.
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