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Humble Independent School District (ISD) is located in Humble, Texas. It includes 43 campuses that serve over 43,000 students. Humble ISD strives to ensure that every graduate is prepared to pursue a best-fit postsecondary path. In Texas, school districts are required to support college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) for all students. Districts must be able to track and measure CCMR indicators and promote successful postsecondary student outcomes.



As part of Texas requirements, Humble ISD must ensure all students develop a personal graduation plan (PGP) that leads them to attend college, enter the workforce, or enroll in the military. Some challenges the district faces in reaching this goal include the following:

  • Beyond testing benchmarks required by the state, Humble ISD wants to meet the greater needs of all students. While preparing for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests and SAT/ACT tests are important, the team at Humble ISD wanted to meet each student’s CCMR needs, allowing them to graduate with a plan that helps them achieve their future aspirations and goals.
  • In Texas, students have to select an endorsement (a series of courses grouped by interest or skill set, providing students with in-depth knowledge of a subject area) by the 9th grade. This can be a daunting moment for students, so Humble ISD wanted to ensure their students were equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently make this decision.
  • The CCMR efforts at Humble ISD were not streamlined, requiring completion in multiple work streams that resulted in a heavy lift for staff, students and parents. Students would build their course plans in one system, select their endorsements in another, and get parental review and approval in yet another.


Humble ISD implemented Naviance Course Planner to allow students to develop personal graduation plans that are aligned to their chosen endorsements and track and measure outcomes. Naviance supports and tracks completion of CCMR indicators for students in grades 6-12, including coursework, graduation plan completion, SAT/ACT prep, IEP management, and more. Developed in conjunction with Texas educators, Naviance Course Planner helps students meet standards that fulfill the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements.

Students at Humble ISD begin using Naviance starting in the 5th grade. As 5th graders prepare to transition to middle school, they take a transition survey and various strengths-based assessments in Naviance, providing information to middle school counselors about students’ needs moving into 6th grade. Students build their course plans for middle school, exploring their strengths and interests and aligning to career clusters through the next three years. This work leads up to 8th grade to prepare students for transitioning to high school, selecting endorsements, and building their personal graduation plans. As students utilize Naviance to explore careers and participate in activities to prepare them for CCMR, they are informed and equipped to confidently make that selection. Students can build their personal graduation plans and select their endorsements with parental review and approval, all within Naviance. This has helped Humble ISD easily track these CCMR indicators, as well as save staff, students, and parents plenty of time.


With data from Naviance, the staff at Humble ISD can better prepare to meet incoming students’ needs. The CTE department also can use the Naviance data to better forecast programs of interest that incoming students need to achieve their goals.

Humble ISD has done a tremendous job of implementing Naviance Course Planner. By helping students build the muscle of future planning starting in the elementary schools, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently select their endorsements in the 9th grade.

The counseling team at Humble ISD says that student course plans are fluid documents. As students grow and change, so may their course plans. Counselors are proud that 90% of their students have started building their course plans with Course Planner, ensuring students are prepared for the next year and beyond.

With the implementation of Naviance Course Planner this school year, Humble ISD has already seen great results.

  • Students are able to easily select their endorsements, build their personal graduation plans, and have parents review and approve, all in one system.
  • 90% of middle and high school students have started their course plans for the next year.

Before implementing Course Planner, Humble ISD had difficulty managing and tracking student progress on course plans in multiple systems. Now, students build plans aligned to their strengths and interests, select their endorsements in the 9th grade, and give visibility to parents and guardians for review and approval – all within one system. Through Course Planner, Humble ISD now has one streamlined solution for counselors, students, and families to collaborate, while also providing district leaders the ability to track, measure, and report on student outcomes.


The Naviance team has provided Humble ISD with outstanding professional and personalized customer service that will enable our students to reach their full potential.

Terry Perkins, Deputy Superintendent

The students love course planning with Naviance Course Planner! They felt it was easy to use, and they were excited that they got to have ownership of building their plans. It was especially exciting for our middle school students because it was their first time getting to pick their own classes and owning their plan.

Travita Godfrey, Secondary Counseling & Behavioral Services

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