How Naviance — and Schools — Thrived This Year

In 2020 many districts and schools across the United States were forced to bring their deeply interpersonal spaces to a virtual world. But, as educators always do, you went on to thrive despite the sudden change in plans. We heard stories of educators bringing U.S. History classes to life by taking their students on virtual road trips. We saw elementary school counselors turn their homes into virtual puppet theaters for life skill lessons. We were moved by the difficult conversations around race and equity that teachers often facilitated.


We’re proud to have been by your side through all of it. To support schools and districts across the country as their students faced new social emotional learning needs, we gave you free access to our social emotional curriculum, encouraging Newsweek to name Hobsons one of the top 50 companies that stood out during the pandemic.

A year of growth and positive change

2020 saw dramatic changes to the college application process, with many colleges and universities piloting and adopting test optional policies. For students using Naviance, interest in higher education has never been higher, with a 15% growth in the number of students expressing interest in college after high school.

The impressive aspirations of these students may be one reason students’ usage of Naviance’s college match tool increased by 19.4% and that students used Naviance to research more than $8 billion in scholarships. Even as Naviance processed more than seven million college applications in 2020, some Naviance students are getting creative with their post-secondary aspirations, with an increasing number of them considering careers, gap years, and other plans after high school.

This year has been a year of growth and positive change for us and for you and your students as well. Four out of every 10 high school students across 50 states already use Naviance to prepare for college, career, and life readiness, and we were honored to welcome more than 600,000 new students to the Naviance community. Students from schools and districts such as Pinellas County Schools in Florida, Olympia School District in Washington, and Coatesville Area School District in Pennsylvania, all started their journeys with Naviance this year.

With your needs at the heart of what we do, we on the Naviance team worked hard to seamlessly transition to full-time remote work so our support services could remain as responsive as ever. We have continued to better and more efficiently address your concerns — as seen by a 1-minute response time to live chat support inquiries, a less than 2-minute response time to support calls, and a less than 2 and half hour response time to support emails.

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More for your college and career readiness programs

We are delighted to be a part of your college, career, and life readiness programs. And we are committed to continue to grow with you in the years to come.

Naviance has big plans for 2021. We are launching new Work-Based Learning capabilities to the core Naviance platform to better prepare students for the world of work and better understand how college fits into their career goals. With this new tool, educators will be able to provide real-world career learning for students. School staff members will be able to view, manage, and manually enter all opportunities for work-based learning that are available for students to participate in, from internships to apprenticeships. Given the current pandemic, this new capability will allow school staff to note whether an opportunity will be virtual or in-person. Students will then be able to view these opportunities and indicate their interest in participating. By clicking on an event, students can get detailed information about the organization or company, application process, whether the opportunity is paid or unpaid, and more.

We’re also rolling out a new Student Readiness Report to help counselors and other student advocates. The new readiness report will be an effective and invaluable tool for facilitating productive college, career, and life readiness conversations with families and everyone else involved in a student’s success. We’re ready for 2021 and look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to read more about our new work-based learning feature.

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