Four Steps to Impact Student Success in Higher Education

Student success is a shared responsibility, institution-wide. As your institution sets out to improve its retention and graduation rates, developing an achievable plan for increased student success on campus is imperative. This requires a coordinated, dedicated effort to include student success within their strategic and tactical plans as well as gain buy-in from campus leadership, staff, and faculty alike.

The Strategic Alignment for Institutional Leadership (SAIL) plan helps to ensure an organization’s efforts are aligned, measurable, focused, and connected back to specific campus-wide student success goals. By implementing a SAIL plan, institutions adopt a deliberate approach to increasing student success, which in turn impacts retention and graduation rates.

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Student Success & Advising

Achieve 2x increases in your retention rate, exceed graduation rate goals, and set the standard for student success in higher education. Identify and support students who are struggling before it’s too late.

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