Flagstaff High School: Why I Love Being a School Counselor

School counselors are an integral part of any elementary, middle, or high school. They are involved in almost every conversation in schools and touch students’ lives on a daily basis. But did you know that school counselors are passionate about their jobs? They thrive on the interactions they have with students and families and pour their heart and soul into their work.

The school counselors at Flagstaff High School in Flagstaff, Ariz. are no exception (which is part of the reason Flagstaff won the 2016-2017 Education Advances Award in College and Career Readiness). See their reflections below on why they love being school counselors.

I love being a school counselor because I believe in the power and freedom that being educated/skilled provides each person. I feel blessed to be able to watch as students find their passion, develop their knowledge/skills and make a plan for their future.

Diane Sorden
CAVIAT/CTE Counselor

Engaging with students on a more personal level and assisting them with their immediate and future needs is why I love being a school counselor. I have always felt that educators have the most irrefutable responsibility of any profession because we hold students’ minds and psyches in our hands and have the ability to influence them for the good or for the bad.

Kim Hemingway
Flagstaff High School Counselor

I love being a school counselor because of the students. When I walk in the hallway and students stop me to say that they received their college admittance letter in the mail, or they were chosen as the winner of a scholarship, or that they were able to work a social issue out with their friend, and thank me for my help, it makes me feel happy. When students share their ups and downs in their lives and know that I am someone they can trust and share their feelings with gives me a sense of pride in my work. I have the most rewarding job because I know I can make a difference. 

Jennifer Bland
Professional School Counselor

I love being a school counselor because I value education and believe that in order to prosper in education every student must also be happy and healthy. I enjoy helping and encouraging students to be their best as they navigate through high school and plan for their future. The profession is both challenging and rewarding – the perfect combination that reminds me I am doing something that matters.

Amanda Gabbitas
Professional School Counselor

Thank you to the Flagstaff school counselors, and to all counselors throughout the world who are making a difference with their passion for school counseling!

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