In summer 2016, AACRAO, in partnership with Hobsons, completed a research project on dual enrollment in the context of strategic enrollment management at U.S. institutions. This project made it clear that dual enrollment plays a significant role in strategic enrollment management at more than half of the higher education (HEd) institutions that responded to the survey.

Hobsons and the American Association of School Administrators (K–12) (AASA) completed a similar study in early 2016 that looked at the current state of dual enrollment in the United States from the perspective of school district leaders. In this group, the majority also agreed that dual enrollment is “reflected in my district’s strategic plan.”

AACRAO and AASA respondents were asked similar questions on the respective survey instruments. This content overlap provided an opportunity to consider dual enrollment from the perspectives of the two principal stakeholders. This article includes data and background information from these two reports in order to make comparisons and provide implications for practice.

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