Our mission is to connect learning to life, and we love to hear stories about how Naviance has made a difference in a student’s journey toward college and career readiness. We recently asked Naviance Network members to share ways that Naviance has made an impact on their students and schools. Below are just a few of the responses we received.

“Naviance gives students choices. Naviance gives students a look into the future.” - Karen Bush, MSD Pike Township, Indianapolis, IN

“Results from Naviance surveys helped to develop a new vision statement for our school.”- Margo Lambert, Prospect High School, Saratoga, CA

“Naviance allows us more personalization with our studentsand the data on college acceptances and alumni outcomes helps us to determine and customize the various college opportunities available to all students.”- Karen Grace-Baker, Da Vinci Schools, Hawthorne, CA
“Last year, on New Year's Eve, I was getting emails from an upset parent about her daughter's supporting documents needing to be at a particular college by the 1st in order for her to be considered for scholarship money. The college was telling her that they didn't have the documents but I was able to check the status of all of the required documents on Naviance. I contacted the college to let them know the documents were there (and it appeared as though they already had downloaded them) and let the mom know that they had already been delivered to the school and the date it was done. The dates were all documented in Naviance. I would never have been able to do all that while away out of state for the holiday!” - Amy Huszar, Mohanasen Senior High School, Schenectady, NY

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