This school year, we’re pleased to introduce several key improvements to Naviance eDocs. Here is a brief summary of eDocs additions new for the 2016-17 school year. For more detailed information, check out the Naviance Network

What’s New this School Year?

Teacher Letters of Recommendation Enhancements
Based on customer feedback, we have improved the process for requesting and processing letters of recommendations from teachers in Naviance. These improvements mean:

  • Students can request teacher recommendations for specific colleges
  • Students and families will see when letters are submitted
  • Teachers will see the exact date and time of the request, which is critical for schools with deadlines for teacher recommendations
  • Students can request only the number of letters accepted by a college 

This is a new screen for students requesting letters of recommendation. 

This screen shows new details for students to track the status of their recommendation requests.

“The new letters of recommendation process in Naviance gives an amazing amount of transparency to students, without giving them too much control. Students will see that they’re responsible for what’s being sent. This will have a positive impact on students, teachers, and counselors.”  

Brian La Porte 
School Counselor
Naperville North High School (IL)

Pre-Population of Common Application Forms
We’re constantly aiming to streamline the application process for staff who process thousands of transcripts and other documents each year. This school year, form questions that most often apply to all students in a school will pre-populate for every student. A complete list of the pre-populated form questions is available in the Naviance Network.

Common Application Integration
Each year, 97% of Naviance eDocs schools choose to utilize the Common Application integration. The integration allows school staff to directly send from Naviance transcripts and other supporting documents to Common Application member colleges.

Schools can choose to opt-in or opt-out of the Common Application integration and must confirm this decision by August 1, 2016 when the Common App comes back online.

Delivery Confirmations
This academic year, we will display consistent document submission and delivery status messages for all college destinations. The status notifications beginning in
2016-17 are:

  • Requested: Student has requested a letter of recommendation
  • In Progress: Teacher has written the letter of recommendation
  • Submitted: High school faculty member has sent letter of recommendation to designated college(s)
  • Cancelled: Either the student, teacher or counselor has cancelled the request

This is a student screen showing recommendation statuses in Family Connection. The same information is available in the Teacher Recommendation Manager in Naviance. 

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