Welcome to the newly redesigned Hobsons.com! It may seem odd to write about the launch of a corporate website, but this particular launch represents much more for Hobsons than a simple visual enhancement.

Renewed Focus and Mission

Hobsons has a long history of dedication to the education sector and maximizing student success through institutional effectiveness. As we’ve reflected on our core values more recently, we’ve seen an opportunity to be even more specific about how Hobsons is uniquely positioned to enable students to prepare for postsecondary success, to access educational opportunity, and to ultimately reach their life goals.

By focusing on student outcomes, we are aligning our work with the purpose for which schools, colleges, and universities should exist – to support student success. Serving more than 12,000 schools, colleges, and universities, Hobsons, more than any other education technology company, has the potential to change the lives of millions of students. That’s why we’re committed to moving our mission forward. 

Our mission is to empower students to connect learning to life by making informed choices across a lifetime of education decisions.

Educational Resources

We have an obligation to support our client partners through the delivery of innovative products and services, as well as expert consulting and support. And as members of the education community, we also are dedicated to serving as a resource for sharing best practices and information that can help educators improve their college readiness, admissions, and advising efforts. 

Our new site features an enhanced resource center that includes access to product resources, expert blogs, and research reports across the K-20 spectrum. Keep an eye on this space for new resources in the coming months, including new research collaborations with industry associations and analysts, and customer case studies.

Career Connections

One of the things I like most about working at Hobsons is that it combines a mission-driven culture with entrepreneurial spirit, which results in many passionate and driven people working here. 

We want more people who share our passion for education to join the cause of connecting millions of students to educational opportunities. That’s why our new site features an improved careers section where you can learn not only about what job opportunities are available at Hobsons, but why you should consider working here in the first place.

Fresh Look and Feel

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I were to write about a site redesign without touching on the visual aspects of the design. With this site, we’re introducing a new visual design language and navigation that is modern and intuitive. We’ve simplified the navigational structure of our site so visitors can access key content easily without any guesswork as to what’s included in each section, and we’ve made it easer than ever to access additional resources or connect with a live person at Hobsons to learn more. The site is also mobile optimized so you can access information on any device, and the content is targeted and localized to meet the needs of our growing international customer base.

What Hasn’t Changed?

We may have a new look and feel, but we’re still dedicated to serving our customers and meeting your needs. Take some time to explore the new site and discover what’s new with Hobsons, and don’t forget that we’re always here to support you.  


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