"As an educator, my main goal is to reach out to students to ensure that they are keeping up with their progress. Using the [Starfish] system is helping me greatly achieve my objective," - MU faculty member

When you communicate with your students, how successful are you in reaching them? Do you know what tactics are most efficient? By streamlining all communication efforts within Starfish, advisors and faculty can maximize their outreach, encourage student participation, and reduce no-shows.

Check out our webinar recording with Tina Balser, Director of Student Success Initiatives at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and team, as they review their most effective personal strategies for reaching students.

In the recording our presenters outline effective, research-backed tools to deliver messages that will reach today's college students. Using findings from a project that surveyed 500 students and external recommendations, the presenters share what they have personally implemented providing best practices for electronic communication to students. After watching the recording you will walk away with:

  • An understanding of how to leverage technology to reach students more effectively

  • Actionable steps to implement communication tactics as "communication champions"

  • Best practices for building a culture of strong student communication.

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