A large and increasing number of students are enrolling in multiple colleges and universities during their postsecondary careers. As a result, a greater focus must be placed on better serving and supporting transfer students across the entire U.S. higher education system.

In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Turk, Senior Policy Research Analyst at The American Council on Education’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy (CPRS), will discuss findings from a recent study that examined the impact of earning an associate degree prior to transfer on the probability of completing a bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Turk will be joined by Wendy Skibinski, Director of College and Career Readiness in the MSD of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana, to discuss strategies for policymakers and practitioners to help increase degree attainment and reduce the proportion of the population with some college, but no degree.

The Impact of Earning an Associate Degree Prior to Transfer: A Look at Recent High School Graduates is the third study in a series of studies from ACE CPRS and Hobsons that explore community college student outcomes.

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