The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, it changed the way we live, work and learn. Many higher education leaders have had to make rapid decisions about what to do to support students in these challenging times. Institutions are now forced to quickly determine which strategies to pursue and then still engage in the often tougher work of determining how to roll them out at their campus. Scientifically data driven solutions are now more important than ever in driving agile, scalable and rapid successful students' success initiatives.
Check out our webinar recording to learn from Starfish Strategic Consulting Practice team as they share simple change management and planning tools to help anyone charged with implementing a new initiative, policy, or strategy adapt to the new challenges. In addition the team provided some straightforward ideas to help teams move from strategic ideas to fully implemented action. 
Watch the recording and learn about: 
  • Planning tools to manage change and implement student success initiatives
  • Guidance to pivot, plan and prepare in this current climate in your institutional context
  • Relevant strategies to support students re: COVID-19
  • Strategies to guide institutional change
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