Student success technology can be an integral part of an institution's Guided Pathways strategy by providing an accurate, holistic view of a student’s academic journey and helping institutions take meaningful, measurable action towards helping students identify, stay on, and complete their path.

Reedley College, one of 114 California Community Colleges and one of 20 California AACC Guided Pathways Project schools, began implementing tools from the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform – specifically, Degree Planner, in 2015. “When all the pieces are working together, you can leverage your data cross-functionally within the Guided Pathways framework to break down silos and help students succeed,” says Michelle Stricker, Student Success and Support Program Coordinator. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Reedley College's framework for implementing student success technologies in order to align with Guided Pathways. The team will share ideas for how Starfish can be used as a tool for Guided Pathways, best practices for on-boarding and training faculty and staff, and the importance of communication and engagement of stakeholders in the process.

Download Reedley College’s Starfish & Guided Pathways Framework here.



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