I am pleased to announce that the University of North Carolina (UNC) System is becoming part of the PAR family. The UNC system joins PAR as part of the state’s ongoing plan to increase the number of people with postsecondary experience and credentials by 2025.

Since PAR was founded in 2011, the PAR community has focused on sharing insights and findings to accelerate institutional change - informed by data - that improves student success.

PAR uses predictive analytics and benchmarking tools to help colleges and universities identify students at risk, measure the impact of interventions, and share research findings within a community of practice.

Margaret Spellings, president of the UNC System said, “As a member of the PAR Framework, we will tap into the collective experience of our peers. We look forward to contributing the expertise of North Carolina’s faculty and institutional leaders to shape the conversation and improve outcomes nationwide.”

We are thrilled to have the University of North Carolina system join our community – particularly since the PAR Framework has its origins in North Carolina - and we look forward to learning more, together.

To learn more about the UNC System and the PAR Framework, read the press release.


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