As the largest public university in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) enrolls 10,850 students across two campus locations. The university’s College of Extended Learning encompasses a number of units and more than 50 employees. Each unit had its own organizational methods—including Excel sheets, Word docs, and even sticky notes. The many units within the college had trouble sharing information at even the most basic level; it’s hard to reconcile your data when everyone uses a different term for the same thing (student number? student ID? ID number?). “We needed some better way to record our information and contact our clients,” said Dawn Dignam, the College of Extended Learning’s CRM and social media analyst.

Implementing a CRM seemed the best solution for clearing the web of processes that covered the college, so the staff interviewed three companies—including Hobsons—and evaluated their solutions. Radius won the day, and in August 2012 Hobsons got to work helping UNB with the implementation.

With more than 50 staff members up and running in Radius, recruitment and enrollment processes in the College of Extended Learning are much more efficient than they used to be. The staff has reviewed and streamlined processes, created opportunities for ongoing education, made a habit of sharing of best practices, and decided to take an “us together” approach that focuses on solutions.

To read more about UNB’s Radius experience, download the full case study here.

About UNB
As the largest public university in the province of New Brunswick, UNB enrolls 10,850 students across two campus locations. The university is using Radius in its College of Extended Learning, which offers undergraduate courses and degrees for adult students, career training certificates and seminars, non-credit courses, English language study, and programs for children.


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