At Hobsons EMS, we see each institution, each program, and each student interaction as a world of possibilities and potentials. One of the most common questions we are asked when working with schools that serve non-traditional students is, "Are we relevant?" In order to help institutions with the answer to this question, we must begin by setting the right expectations. And one of the first steps in setting expectations is to measure the viability of a program.

Viability can be measured using many points of data. As we work with each institution to understand the viability of their programs, we leverage a cyclical data triangle made up of Occupational, Educational, and Demographic Data. The constantly evolving and dependent relationship between these three repositories help us to confirm or deny relevance, and in turn, measure viability.

Join Jay Bookout, Business Analysis Director, as he walks through this thought process and answers questions on why measuring viability is an important first step in online program management.

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