Every year, high school seniors around the world send millions of hope-filled college applications. But that’s only one side of the story. Those applications are accompanied by many supporting documents, including letters of recommendation from teachers, counselor evaluations, and transcripts. Electronic submission of those documents is fast becoming the norm. This school year, counseling staff used Naviance eDocs to send more than 32 million documents, supporting 1.3 million high school seniors from 28 countries.

Here are 5 reasons why Naviance eDocs rocks.

1. Equity and Access

Students are not charged a fee for using Naviance eDocs. For one low cost to the school, students have the ability to submit an unlimited number of supporting documents to more than 2,400 colleges. That means that students aren’t limiting their options when it comes to applying to college, and avoid per-document fees.

2. College Application Management

The ability for staff to have an organized system for managing college applications is just as important as sending documents. It’s crucial for staff to know where students are applying, when they’re applying (Early Decision, Rolling Admission, etc.), and keep track of what documents still need to be sent. Naviance eDocs allows staff to keep track of all this information for every student and every college and helps ensure that deadlines aren’t missed.  

3. Common Application Integration

Organizing everything in one place is crucial, but the ability to send documents from one platform is ideal. That’s why the integration with the Common Application is so important. Staff can send documents to all Common Application member colleges directly from Naviance, keeping everything in one place.

4. Multiple Transcript Upload

Since student transcripts are generated from a student information system, preparing documents in bulk is ideal. This feature in eDocs allows counselors to import the majority, if not all, senior class transcripts in a snap, saving counselors and staff countless hours. That means more time to spend where it matters most – with students.

5. The Student Experience

Students use Naviance to prepare for life after high school throughout their K-12 education. They take strengths assessments, identify careers of interest, explore college options, and much more. During senior year, students request transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent to their colleges of choice. Since students are already familiar with Naviance, requesting documents is a seamless next step in the process. That way, staff aren’t introducing yet another system senior year just to send supporting documents. 

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