Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas has over 3,400 students and nearly 1,500 of them participate in Spartans Out Serving or “SOS,” a voluntary community service club. Community service is deeply ingrained into the school’s culture. Over half of the student body participates in SOS and this year, almost 800 students met their service goals. For seniors, that means 60 hours of effort is rewarded with coveted white cords at graduation.

The school opened in 2006 and up until the 2010/11 school year, SOS members tracked their hours on paper and stored reams of it in ubiquitous three-­ring binders. Students are mentored by teachers—their sponsors—who are responsible for reviewing and approving thousands of student hours each year. In fact for 2010/11, community service topped a whopping 35,000 hours. In previous years, such largesse required dozens of end-­of-­semester hours for parent volunteers to hand approve the students’ efforts but not this year. This year, Seven Lakes High School has x2VOL from intelliVOL.

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