Hobsons Sponsors #RealCollege 2018: A National Convening on Food and Housing Insecurity

Starfish by Hobsons Joins the Movement to Secure Basic Needs for College Students Facing Food and Housing Insecurities

ARLINGTON, VA, October 1 - Hobsons, the education technology leader and company behind Starfish, joined higher education leaders this weekend at #RealCollege 2018: A National Convening on Food and Housing Insecurity. Hobsons’ sponsorship of the event represents its extended commitment to the work of Sara Goldrick-Rab, Ph.D., founder of #RealCollege, and her mission to assist students throughout the U.S. to overcome the many challenges they face on their journey to accomplish their higher education goals.

The convening, which took place September 29-30, brought together students, practitioners, policymakers, researchers and activists to develop strategies and take action to secure students’ basic needs. Starfish General Manager and Hobsons Senior Vice President Howard Bell was in attendance at the convening and took part in the many workshops and conversations about strategies and tactics used to increase the availability of affordable food/housing, integrate mental health practices with student support services on campuses, and shape state and federal policy to increase support for students basic needs.

“It was an honor to participate in the #RealCollege Convening these past two days,” said Howard Bell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Starfish. “The challenges faced by many college students - especially those related to food and housing insecurity - can create insurmountable barriers to not just educational achievement, but economic mobility as well. It is Starfish’s mission to provide effective resources and support to higher education institutions - helping them best serve their students and ensure all students achieve their goals. Attending #RealCollege gave me valuable insights into the struggles many students face, the magnitude of their impact, and the complexity of the solutions needed. I will be working with my team and Dr. Goldrick-Rab to explore ways Starfish can help alleviate these challenges.”

The founder of #RealCollege, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Ph.D., gave a keynote address this July at Hobsons Summer Institute (HSI) 2018 on the topic of food and housing insecurities faced by higher education students in the United States.

In an effort to support all aspects of student success, Starfish by Hobsons hosts a Starfish Community Book Club, open to all Starfish clients, where a book related to student success is read and discussed each quarter. Members of the Starfish community requested that Goldrick-Rab’s latest book, “Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream,” be the next book after hearing her speak on the subject at HSI 2018. The Book Club will read and discuss the book this November.

The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform helps more than 450 colleges and universities scale their student success efforts so more students can achieve their academic and life goals. By helping higher education institutions leverage reliable data to pinpoint areas of concern and opportunity within courses and student populations, as well as institutional programs and services, Starfish connects these findings to action by identifying at-risk students, connecting students with valuable resources, and building academic plans to achieve student goals with the least momentum lost.

To learn more about Starfish, visit http://www.starfishsolutions.com.

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