Hobsons Announces Student Journey at Hobsons Summer Institute 2018

Hobsons Advances Lifetime Student Success Throughout the Student Journey

PALM DESERT, CA - July 17, 2018 - Hobsons, the education technology leader, today announced a renewed focus towards student success. The Student Journey represents the lifetime of education decisions every student and their family faces as a child moves from elementary school, to middle school, high school, and post-secondary education and career.

It is Hobsons’ mission to support students throughout every stage of their student journey - no matter what their goals might be. Through innovative technology offerings, Hobsons supports millions of students across the country in their journey to achieve lifelong success.

“Each of our products play an integral role in a different part of a student’s educational journey,” said Kate Cassino, Chief Executive Officer of Hobsons. “Across our product portfolio, Hobsons is proud to support 15 million students throughout a lifetime of education decisions.”

Naviance by Hobsons helps students identify their strengths and interests and link their passions to a pathway for success.

Intersect by Hobsons helps students discover, explore and connect with institutions that are both a match and a fit, all on the path towards finding their best-fit institution.

Starfish by Hobsons helps students connect to advisors and campus resources to ensure that all students reach their academic and career goals.

Throughout Hobsons Summer Institute 2018, interactive best practice sessions and presentations on the Student Journey will be showcased to help drive industry discussions on the ways in which K-12 and higher education leaders can collaborate to increase student success throughout all areas of a student’s journey.


About Hobsons

A global leader in education technology, Hobsons helps more than 15 million students to identify their strengths, explore careers, match to best-fit educational opportunities, create academic plans, and reach their education and life goals. More than 13,000 K-12 and higher education institutions partner with Hobsons and leverage our expertise and our solutions -- Naviance, Intersect, and Starfish -- to improve college and career readiness, college recruiting and admissions, and higher education student success to support millions of students around the world.

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