Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Partners with Intersect by Hobsons Technology to Increase Awareness of Connecticut Community Colleges

By partnering with the Intersect platform, CSCU will increase institutional awareness of the state’s 12 community colleges and will more easily connect with best-fit students

ARLINGTON, VA – May 31, 2018 – Education technology leader Hobsons announced today that its Intersect platform has been selected by the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) as part of an initiative to increase applications and enrollment rates of students for the 2018-2019 school year. All 12 of CSCU’s community colleges began using Intersect this spring.

Prior to partnering with Intersect, each community college within CSCU was utilizing different tools to attract, recruit, and retain students. The implementation of Intersect will allow these community colleges to work more effectively and cohesively in their recruitment efforts.

“Partnering with Intersect seemed like an easy choice for us, as 85 percent of high schools in Connecticut use Naviance,” said Michael Kozlowski, Chief Marketing Officer of CSCU. “Most students are required by teachers and school counselors to use Naviance as a tool for self-discovery and college search and selection. Through our partnership with Intersect, we joined a community of high school students throughout the state and country. We are now able to increase the number of Connecticut students that will be introduced to the many community colleges, degrees, and programs that CSCU offers.”

CSCU community colleges serve over 50,000 students. Through the use of the Intersect platform, CSCU hopes to increase the number of students who express interest in, apply to, and enroll in a CSCU community college.

“We are proud to partner with CSCU community colleges to increase awareness and engagement within the Naviance student community,” said Amy Reitz, General Manager of Intersect. “Our vision is to assist higher education institutions in connecting with their best-fit students, and to assist students in finding their best-fit post-secondary option.”

Intersect by Hobsons is a matching platform offering a comprehensive set of solutions for colleges and universities to strategically recruit best-fit students, those most likely to both apply and succeed at your institution, and reach institutional enrollment goals.

Intersect connects with Naviance, the world’s most widely-adopted college and career readiness platform, and used by 10 million students nationwide, enabling colleges and universities to better identify and connect with high school students actively engaged in the college search process. Intersect also makes it easier to collaborate and create connections with high school counselors to support a successful student journey.

Naviance by Hobsons is a college and career readiness solution geared towards middle and high school students, in which students are able to explore education and career pathways and conduct college searches.

About Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) provide affordable, innovative, and rigorous programs for students to achieve their personal and career goals as well as contribute to the economic growth of Connecticut.  Within CSCU, there are 12 community colleges, 4 comprehensive universities, and Connecticut’s only 4-year online college.

About Hobsons

A global leader in education technology, Hobsons helps students to identify their strengths, explore careers, match to best-fit educational opportunities, create academic plans, and reach their education and life goals. More than 13,000 K-12 and higher education institutions partner with Hobsons and leverage our expertise and our solutions -- Naviance, Intersect, and Starfish -- to improve college and career readiness, college recruiting and admissions, and higher education student success to support millions of students around the world.


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