We’ve seen a shift in the conversation around student success at Penn State since implementing Starfish. The collaboration that Starfish enables across different units is playing a role in that conversation.”
- David R. Smith, Associate Dean for Advising and Executive Director of the Division of Undergraduate Studies

To better support students across the Commonwealth, Penn State made substantial investments in a range of new technologies. After outgrowing previous systems, Penn State implemented Starfish in 2016 to fill the need for advising appointment scheduling and documentation, as well as for early progress reporting by instructors.

Faculty and advisors from across the university who had actively used previous systems were asked to join the Starfish implementation team to help ensure buy-in from the start, helping PSU to achieve:

  • 65,000 students each semester receiving a flag or kudo through Starfish
  • 80,000 advising appointments made through Starfish in the Fall 2017 semester

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