The main conference got started yesterday with the Opening and Awards Ceremony, honoring outstanding work in counseling with the Excellence in Leadership and Innovative Program of the Year awards. Attendees shared their experiences, best practices, and tips and tricks in 20+ sessions led by Naviance clients, partners, and Hobsons staff, before being inspired by keynote speaker Darrius Garrett. Attendees could also stop in at the User Experience Lab to interact with Hobsons researchers, designers, and product managers to give their insights on Naviance, or check out the Educator’s College Fair and Gallup Strengths Coaching Cafe. Gallup speaker Brandon Busteed ended the day with a presentation on The "Why" of Strengths and the "How" of Hope.

The “Why” of Strengths and the “How” of Hope

NSI 2014: The “Why” of Strengths and the “How” of Hope from Naviance

Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Gallup Education, presented on how students chase academic success, a good job, and a great life by doing what they do best and by being hopeful throughout the process.

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