This July will mark my fifth Naviance Summer Institute, and I look forward to this one with the same anticipation as my first. Naviance continues to evolve and grow as it addresses the needs of students, families, and school personnel, and NSI continues to provide excellent trainings, workshops, and information sessions to help keep us up to speed.

A relaxed atmosphere, NSI is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with peers, share ideas, and take a sneak peek at what is coming up next. From the opening reception to the last informative session, NSI is top notch all the way. I always look forward to the User Experience Lab, where participants have the opportunity to throw ideas up on the wall on a little yellow post-it and take note of the ideas posted by other participants.

Whether you’re a novice or expert, NSI has something for you! As a three-time presenter, I have enjoyed sharing my story about our school’s journey with Naviance and showing others just how easy it can be. Whether your school is big or small, urban or rural, private or public, Naviance is a tool that can be adapted to fit your needs. As a presenter, you have the opportunity to teach others what you have learned and to provide them with real life applications of the products. As a participant, NSI affords you the opportunity to sample various sessions, speak to the experienced Naviance staff in person, and spend quality time with your peers sharing ideas, exchanging concerns, and formulizing a plan for when you return.

NSI is the place to “get in the know” about Naviance. When I return to school in the fall I always feel prepared and aware thanks to NSI. This year, Common Application, eDocs, Road Trip Nation, and Naviance Test Prep are all sessions I plan to attend. NSI gives you the opportunity to hear about the changes, learn about the processes, and understand the new capabilities.

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