I’ve attended almost every National Association for College Admission Counseling Conference since 1999. For the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of representing Hobsons and talking with college and high school staff about Naviance. I’ve answered many questions for colleges about what Naviance is, and how Naviance can help them locate students who might be a good fit for their institution. I’ve also had countless conversations with high school staff about how they can better help their students to determine and reach their goals, and how they can support their seniors as they apply to college.

One thing that has struck me about the high school staff I’ve encountered is how passionate they are about education, and especially about the lives and success of their students. They joke about the long hours, dealing with helicopter parents, and writing hundreds of recommendations every year. Yet, I know from talking with them that most would never consider doing anything else. They love their kids so much.

And, like the school staff attending the Naviance Summer Institute, the folks who stop by our booth at NACAC have great questions and insights, generously sharing their ideas and letting us know how Naviance is helping them make a difference in the lives of their students. They love Naviance because it enables them to help their students find a direction in life and make plans to achieve their goals. Naviance also helps them do their job more effectively so they can spend more time working with students and having ‘real’ conversations.

I’m glad to be able to talk with so much Naviance users at NACAC, because I want them to know they have a partner in Hobsons – one that is as passionate about education and their students’ success as they are.


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