We have a unique tradition at Hobsons of bringing our employees together every year for an annual meeting during which we collaborate with one another, reflect on our progress and celebrate our success in moving Hobsons, our clients, and most importantly, our students, forward.

As part of our gathering this year, we hosted high school students and staff from the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium for an evening of games in which we all worked together to complete sports-themed activities challenging our athleticism, strategic thinking, and memory.

MSD of Wayne Township has been a long-time Naviance partner. The district believes that they have a moral imperative to ensure that all of their students find their passions and live their aspirations. They are doing great work to help students prepare for college and careers and have seen their high school graduation rate go from 64 percent to 94 percent.

As the evening concluded, we announced a $10,000 donation to support the district’s college visit program, which ensures that all students have the opportunity to visit at least one college during high school. We’re proud to join their efforts to make sure that students have first-hand experiences on college campuses and have access to tools that allow them to find the right fit for them.

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