Manhattan College, a private liberal arts college located in the Bronx, New York City, was looking for a way to keep its total student enrollment growing even though its undergraduate population was already at its maximum threshold.

With a graduate school population of about 500 students, administrators knew there was still room for growth. Enter Suzana Pavisic, Director for Admissions for Graduate Programs and Continuing and Professional Studies – a position created specifically to help bring greater coordination to a graduate school that needed to consolidate efforts and become more efficient to hit its growth targets.

“We are bursting at the seams with our undergraduate population so we knew we needed to look at investment for the graduate school,” said Pavisic. “We have five different Schools recruiting and enrolling five different ways. And we realized that we have never really been proactive in marketing our graduate programs. Traditionally, we relied on our undergraduate population to enroll into our graduate programs, or on word of mouth recommendations.”

Manhattan College knew it needed a technology solution that could help admissions staff proactively market and recruit graduate students, standardize admissions and enrollment processes, and ultimately, assist in enrolling more graduate students.

Pavisic reached out to learn more about Radius by Hobsons, a best-in-class admissions and enrollment technology solution. After comparing Radius to other technology solutions in the market, Pavisic settled on Hobsons as her preferred partner to help grow Manhattan College’s graduate enrollment.

Pavisic is also pleased that Radius will help her and other departments within Manhattan College streamline processes and rely on others less.

“Radius is more innovative and user-friendly than other CRMs that I have used and seen,” said Pavisic. “With more and more demands being put on our IT team, Hobsons was able to ‘go the distance’ with some of our requests. All of those concerns that our IT staff and I had were overcome because Hobsons was able to offer a solution. That was a big thing to us.”

Pavisic has high hopes that Radius will be well received by graduate school staff.

“I think when it is fully implemented, it is going to change the culture of the graduate area at Manhattan College and really take people by surprise,“ she says.

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