Hobsons University gives participants the opportunity to hear from their peers about product utilization, best practices, recruitment and communication strategies, and more. A great compliment to the peer-led general conference sessions are the pre-conference courses hosted by members of Hobsons Professional Services.

Who should attend pre-conference sessions?

Whether your institution has been a product user for a few months or years, there are pre-conference sessions to aid in increasing your product knowledge and successful utilization. The sessions are designed for varying levels of product knowledge and experience from beginner to advanced.

What types of courses are offered?

Training courses will be led by Hobsons training specialists and follow a traditional training format with specific topics and learning outcomes. These courses are for users seeking an understanding of the product functionality guided by a professional trainer. New users or those looking for a refresher should attend.

Consulting sessions will be led by Hobsons Consultants and follow a workshop format. The consultant will facilitate the topic discussion and peer-to-peer collaboration with built-in time for suggestions. Consulting sessions will give advanced users the opportunity to share their own experiences, best practices, and success stories. Participants looking to take their processes to the next level through peer-to-peer discussions should attend.

Do I have to follow the tracks?

There are eight tracks based on Hobsons products: ApplyYourself, Connect, Radius, and Starfish. The tracks are not mandatory so you may select sessions a la carte.

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