The sixth annual Hobsons University London Conference was held in March 4, 2014 in East, Central London.

Hobsons University London 2014

Just under 200 delegates from universities, educational organisations and agencies across the UK and Europe attended Hobsons U London 2014 to hear from a range of speakers, network with like-minded higher education professionals, gain insight into the future direction of Hobsons, and learn more about how Hobsons supports our client’s marketing, communications, and recruitment strategies.

Hobsons University London 2014 - Highlights

Conference Highlights

The year’s conference included:

  • a plenary presentation from Dr. Nick Southgate on behavioural economics and university applications,
  • results from Hobsons’ annual International Student Decision-Making survey,
  • the launch of Radius, the first Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution,
  • an introduction to our new real-time reporting tool available to EMEA clients called EMi.

Highlighting behavioural economic concepts and then applying them to everyday contexts, Dr Nick Southgate explained how seemingly tiny difficulties and hurdles in decision-making can have a disproportionate impact on university admissions. When it comes to the university application process, for example, a student’s initial impression of a university is crucial in building their commitment. (Watch his presentation)

Over 14,000 potential international students were surveyed from more than 150 countries in this year’s International Student Decision-Making Survey. The survey is full of interesting insights and benchmarks universities can leverage to help them better understand what international students want from higher education. The survey session revealed that league tables, i.e. university rankings, are king in the eyes of international students.

We were also excited to announce the launch of Radius and EMi during Hobsons U London. Radius enables institutions to enhance their value propisition to prospective and current students by establishing, building, tracking, and managing relationships throughout the entire student lifecycle. EMi is Hobsons EMEA’s new Enrolment Management Services (EMS) reporting, data and analysis tool. EMi allows enrolment management partners to access on demand, rich, and relevant reporting which can easily be manipulated. (Find out more)

Thanks to everyone that made it to Hobsons U London 2014! All in all it was a great day with ample opportunities to engage and connect with colleagues. Stay tuned, as we will announce the details of Hobsons U London 2015 in the coming months. If you’d like to attend, let us know here and we’ll send you more information as the event draws closer. In the meantime, check out some of the keywords that came to mind from attendees of this year’s conference.

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