London School of Business and Management (LSBM), a private university in Central London, offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Business, Accounting and Finance, as well as Law in partnership with the University of Northampton.

LSBM was looking for a way to reach more students who would be the right fit for its diverse and contemporary learning community. But without an efficient CRM system in place, admissions staff were limited in their ability to streamline prospective student enquiries, personalise communications, or effectively manage applications.

“We’re competing with the public universities, but we’ve enhanced the way we operate over the past four years,” said Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing. “We’ve invested in technology which has helped us move forward.”

LSBM sought a technology solution that could go beyond the limitations of its student management system and help admissions staff proactively reach out to students, manage enquiries, and automate communications. And, LSBM wanted to modernise its application process by moving to an online application. After using a number of other CRMs, LSBM moved to Radius by Hobsons to achieve its goals.

“We were sold on a few key functions in Radius, mainly the communications plans and the idea of it being very automated compared to other systems,” said Jansen. “We liked how the solution linked the whole lifecycle from applicant through to a student and beyond.”

LSBM implemented Radius in a phased approach, starting with the enquiries management feature before moving onto application management.

“Hobsons staff did an excellent job with implementation,” said Jansen. “We had staff on site with us every week who consistently taught us new things about the system and the way it could work.”

Although LSBM has been using Radius’ full capabilities only a few months, the institution is already experiencing success, particularly with application management. LSBM received more than 700 applications since launching its online form in January 2016 – more than double the number of applications it typically receives in a given application cycle.

 “The application management functionality in Radius has been a game changer for us,” said Jansen. “Before moving to Radius, we weren’t able to keep track of how many applications we received.”

LSBM administrators are excited about the future. They’ve hired a dedicated in-house CRM manager and have plans to optimise the system and increase staff adoption.

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