Staff at Hobsons University

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Hobsons University and how the planning process works? As a member of the Hobsons Global Events Team, I have been a part of the Hobsons University planning process for five years. The saying, “It takes a village,” is an accurate way to describe the planning that goes into each and every detail of Hobsons University. Each year, I work with a Hobsons University planning team comprised of individuals who represent different areas of our business and who work year round to ensure the conference is a success.

We begin planning these conferences years in advance (currently we are working on sourcing 2020), however, in August we begin planning for the year at hand. We start by debriefing as a team from the past year’s conference, carefully reviewing the feedback we receive in the conference evaluations. If there is one thing that is most critical to our planning efforts, it is the conference evaluation. Our goal is to execute a meaningful event that meets our clients’ needs; therefore, we take attendee feedback seriously and always encourage honest responses – we are listening!!

From the conference feedback, we prioritize areas of the event that we can improve and identify areas that that are working well that we could build upon. Since many of us on the planning team also attend other conferences throughout the year, we bring back ideas that we could incorporate in Hobsons University to ensure we keep the event exciting and fresh. 

We begin by planning a rough agenda, and then start to slot material and content in throughout the year as decisions are made. Our team works diligently to review presentation proposals and select content that will be beneficial for our clients and meet their expectations. We do our best to offer ample opportunities for clients to receive hands-on product training, discover best practices, meet with Hobsons staff, and learn from other product users, while still offering time for networking and social events! We have weekly meetings from August until July in anticipation for the big event, and several people on the planning team spend about 20 additional hours outside of their daily job duties to make Hobsons University a success.

Conference Attendees at Hobsons University

When event week comes around, it’s all hands on deck. The conference generates a lot of buzz and excitement for staff, giving us the rush of adrenaline we need to be down on the floor by five in the morning and head off to bed around midnight. Each day of Hobsons University is carefully planned, from the number of chairs in a room, to how the chairs are set up, to what yummy snacks we serve in the afternoon to give attendees the final push they need to make it through the afternoon. Every decision that is made for our attendees has been carefully deliberated by a team of experts, and we only hope your experience embodies that!

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