We are excited to announce the launch of Starfish 6, the latest release of the Starfish student success platform.

For the past eight years, the Starfish platform has been an integral part of the student retention and completion efforts at more than 250 institutions. Now, as part of the Hobsons portfolio of higher education solutions, the Starfish platform can engage an even broader range of college and university staff in student success.

The latest updates included in Starfish 6 reflect feedback from universities in the client community, and include:

Expanded Advising Support. Starfish 6 extends the platform’s powerful meeting and communication capabilities to engage prospective students before they arrive on campus. Prospective students often meet with advisors to discuss career aspirations, financial challenges, and academic plans before they make their enrollment decisions. Often, information from these critical meetings is never integrated into the student’s record. With Starfish 6, staff can engage students and track outcomes of these meetings even without a student ID. When the student enrolls, notes and messages from the meetings can appear alongside data from other campus technologies.

Friendlier Student Interface. What if campus staff could help students navigate their own challenges before the data indicates a problem? Starfish 6 features an updated agenda-style interface designed to support all students – not just those predicted by an algorithm to be “at risk.” Without new logins or passwords to remember, students can see their progress, ask for help, schedule appointments, and follow specific steps to manage common academic and administrative concerns.

Streamlined Data Integration. Campuses are awash in data, but often lack the tools to integrate across systems to ensure that critical information is available to the right people at the right time. Starfish 6 introduces simplified data files and hosted adapters to ensure that data from many sources can be used to generate a holistic picture of every student.

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