We all know that students, along with the parents, teachers, and school counselors who help them plan their education and their lives, are immersed in a fast-paced, tech-friendly world where they access, curate, and share information on a variety of devices and in multiple formats. That’s why Hobsons is proud to engage with our customers and the education community not only through conference presentations, webinars, and the Education Advances newsletter, but also through a host of multimedia stories, case studies, white papers, videos, infographics, and blogs via Hobsons.com.

Today we add podcasting to our portfolio with the launch of Upgraded by Hobsons. This free monthly podcast, accessible through iTunes, features stories and interviews with students, educators, and thought leaders exploring innovative topics in K-12 and higher education. In each 30-minute podcast, we hope you’ll be inspired by realists and dreamers alike who are working to help students prepare for their futures and access educational opportunities in order to reach their full potential.

Developed in collaboration with Pacific Content – creators of the popular Slack Variety Pack podcast – Upgraded by Hobsons incorporates inspiring interviews with thought leaders and researchers in the education field, as well as everyday students, parents, and educators talking about making a connection between learning and life.

In our first episode, we’ll be covering:

K-12 Micro-society schools: Child entrepreneurs at a low-income elementary school in Austin, Texas, are running their own (fake) businesses to learn about real-world applications to what they are learning in school. We talk to the kids, their principal, and a graduate of the school to find out what they’ve learned.

The Gift of Failure: Jessica Lahey, teacher, mom, and author of a new book, The Gift of Failure, tells us about the importance of giving children age-appropriate real-world responsibilities and allowing them to experience failure so they can recover, persevere, and succeed. This segment also includes “parent on the street” interviews asking what kids can do on their own, liking packing their lunch, folding laundry, and taking charge of their own school work.

Rethinking the college campus experience: Students and administrators at the Minerva School in San Francisco tell us what’s it’s like to experience college with no lectures, no football team, no buildings. It’s an experimental model that Minerva says is the college of the future, where people meet virtually, pay a whole lot less money, and learn to think and act for themselves based on their own experience and learning, rather than memorizing and regurgitating what professors impart to them. 

E-mailing your professor: Forget office hours. In the age of email and texting, communicating with your professor is easy, quick, and sometimes a bit too casual. We hear professors’ complaints and suggestions for the do’s and don’ts of student-professor email communication. For example, PhD’s don’t always appreciate it when students call them by their first names and it’s not great form to tell a prof you missed their signature class presentation and then ask, “Did I miss anything IMPORTANT?”

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