Improving Student Retention and Educational Outcomes

By 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the United States will require a postsecondary education, yet too many students begin their postsecondary journey without a clear path to completion, and colleges and universities struggle to find which interventions will lead to the best student outcomes. Why do students struggle to meet their goals? Too often, institutions fail to provide meaningful, holistic support to help students reach their educational goals and they lack the insight needed to determine what’s working and what’s not.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Hobsons has acquired the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework, Inc. This investment creates a unique opportunity for Hobsons to help scale the work of delivering actionable intelligence and interventions that keep students engaged and progressing toward graduation while improving the ability of institutions to measure the effectiveness of their student success initiatives.

In February 2015 Hobsons acquired Starfish Retention Solutions, a market-leading student success and advising platform serving hundreds of colleges and universities. The addition of PAR will enable Hobsons clients to use their own data more effectively, and importantly, to learn from de-identified, aggregated data from other institutions. This benchmarking capability has great potential to move the needle on student success nationwide.

We know that higher education has been struggling to make sense of its abundance of data – either to help individual students or the institution as a whole. By acquiring PAR, Hobsons will be able to respond to our customers’ requests that we combine the best of PAR analytics and the best of Hobsons’ products to make an integrated impact on student outcomes.

We plan to leverage the technology and expertise of the PAR team to enhance our college readiness, admissions, and student success platforms to help millions of students make better decisions about which academic pathways to follow and to improve institutions’ understanding of which students need support and which interventions work best.

The addition of PAR advances our shared mission of helping students make informed decisions about their education and supporting student success in tangible ways. We are excited about joining the expertise of Hobsons and the PAR team to support student achievement and deliver data-driven intelligence across the student lifecycle, from K-12 through postsecondary.

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