Australian schools are looking for ways to best assist students as they decide on higher education options, enabling them to make more informed choices as they take the next steps on their educational journeys. Depending on the student, the best higher education fit may be a technical and further education (TAFE) institution, the challenging environment of an Australian university, or an opportunity at an international education institution.

As we introduce Naviance by Hobsons into Australia, a few schools that have been early-adopters are capitalising on the platform to assist their students to success. The schools range broadly in economic backdrop, objectives for implementing Naviance, and range of functionality currently implemented in each school.

Northern Adelaide Senior College

Northern Adelaide Senior College in Elizabeth, South Australia is a non-traditional school that uses Naviance with other critical key features in mind. The school is based in a low socio-economic area of Australia and assists adult learners with secondary schooling certificate completion. There is a robust careers program in place, where every student is assigned a careers coach. Each careers coach will have up to 15 students whom they work with to help them understand their strengths and interests, what careers could be good options, and what pathways could lead to those careers.

Northern Adelaide saw Naviance as the perfect tool to centralise the efforts of careers coaches, where the careers advisor can set core tasks to be completed by all students and build the school’s unique careers curriculum into the Success Planner.

The true value of Naviance for Northern Adelaide is its ability to inspire students to accomplish great things and motivate them to succeed via presenting viable educational pathways to careers that they may not have been aware existed. The power of Roadtrip Nation, a feature of Naviance that allows students to watch video stories of real-life professionals who have had to overcome similar hardships, discriminations, or hurdles in life that they have, will never be underestimated by the school.

Anglican Church Grammar School

Anglican Church Grammar School, a private boys school in Brisbane, Queensland, has a rich 100-plus year history and a proud accomplishment of seeing almost 100 percent of graduates receive offers to their higher education institutions of choice. In addition to competitive academic achievement, the school also produces skilled athletes looking for the best opportunities to advance careers or performance in a given sport.

Enter Naviance, which the school is actively using with its students who have expressed an interest in studying in the United States of America. In a school that does not have a set careers advisory program or reserved time in the timetable, Naviance provides students and careers councillors with an effective tool to research U.S. colleges as well as sporting and international student scholarships, and to apply to colleges in a simple and time-effective manner.

International School of Western Australia

International School of Western Australia in City Beach uses Naviance with many expat students who are U.S. born and will be returning home for higher education. Originally, the school primarily used Naviance to offer a streamlined approach for these students to apply to U.S. institutions. As the school has implemented more of the product, they are seeing the benefits of utilising the Naviance Success Planner tool.

The school has no scheduled careers program or classes for students, so it implements the Naviance career exploration tools to provide more guidance and a focused careers and strengths exploration plan for students. This helps the one careers advisor in the school to gain a deeper understanding of each student’s interests and strengths, and to ultimately provide more targeted guidance to each student as an individual.

Many students may not want to or need to apply to university as a next step in their education. There may be other pathways and options open to them, and the first step on their journey is understanding themselves and establishing a goal. Naviance provides the forum and the toolset for students, careers coaches, and careers advisors to have in-depth conversations on what success looks like for each individual and set him or her on the right pathway.

These are just three schools with different student cohorts, all utilising Naviance in great ways in the early days of their implementation of the product. As Australian schools continue to implement Naviance, we are excited to see how they can enhance the way students set career aspirations and find the best pathway to their own unique success.

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