Helena College University of Montana is a public two-year college focused on providing access to lifelong educational opportunities. Central to its mission is enhancing student persistence by aligning student support programs and reducing barriers to access and success.

Student success and retention progress have always been important to Helena College, but when the state implemented an outcomes-based funding model, student persistence became an even greater focus. The school needed a solution to help staff enhance retention initiatives, identify success measures, and track progress. A Montana University System competitive grant opportunity gave Helena College the resources to explore new approaches to its student success practices, and the school decided to partner with Starfish by Hobsons in December 2012.

Since implementing Starfish, Helena College saw its retention rate increase from 49.9 percent to 54.8 percent in one year. Students decreased financial aid borrowing by nearly 40 percent, and advisors have become more actively engaged in student academic and completion planning.

“Starfish helps us improve retention by providing a user-friendly tool to let our students know that their success is our number one priority,” says Daniel J. Bingham, Dean/CEO.

To learn more about how Helena College found success with Starfish, download our case study.


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