Naviance Summer Institute is an experience like none other. Conference sessions are designed to promote active engagement, share innovative techniques, and drive school and community adoption of Naviance. With such a lofty goal, it’s always smart to be prepared. Similar to how a healthy morning breakfast provides the fuel to keep you going all day, NSI pre-conference training courses give you the head start you need to engage in all that NSI has to offer.

Who should take pre-conference courses?

Anyone! Pre-conference training offerings are organized to benefit conference attendees at their Naviance comfort and usage level. For NSI attendees who are new Naviance users, pre-conference training courses are a great introduction to the fundamentals and can help put the rest of the conference into context. The pre-conference courses prepare participants to use these new skills throughout the regular conference sessions, arm attendees with the right vernacular, and provide a baseline of information to use while planning for the next school year. Veteran NSI attendees and long-time Naviance users also benefit from pre-conference courses because they are a great way to brush up on product skills and vocabulary.

What do pre-conference courses look like?

An extra day at NSI is bound to be exciting, and pre-conference sessions really do set themselves apart from the rest of the conference. Led by certified Naviance trainers, pre-conference sessions are more like a day of training than a general conference day because our course topics, structure, and learning outcomes are part of the core Naviance training curriculum. The format not only allows for learning and hands-on practice but also encourages peer-to-peer collaboration and suggestions. Session instructors work hard to create a training environment that provides a safe space for participants to practice, experiment, ask questions, and get feedback. Plus, a full day of pre-conference training costs less than half of what Naviance training would cost at your school or district!

Why are pre-conference courses helpful?

Pre-conference courses build the foundation and set the tone for what is to come over the course of Naviance Summer Institute. Words from our previous pre-conference training participants sum it up best:

  • “It was great! Presenter was knowledgeable and had a lot of energy.”
  • “I really like the handout/manual we received.”
  • “I feel empowered with the Naviance team. Thank you for your support in this learning experience.”
  • “What a great way to begin the conference!”

When planning your Naviance Summer Institute experience, pre-conference sessions are a must. Add pre-conference courses to your NSI itinerary today!


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