We have had a strong application season so far, and Naviance eDocs has been keeping up with high demand. Submissions have increased more than 22 percent in submissions year-over-year, but even more exciting is the number of documents that have been uploaded to eDocs. To date, we have more than doubled the number of documents uploaded via Naviance eDocs for this application cycle. This is due in large part to the introduction and success of the Multiple Transcript Manager (MTM), which was released October 20, 2014.

Since its introduction, we’ve seen over 266,000 transcripts uploaded via MTM, and it has been used by over 1,000 schools. The vast majority of transcripts uploaded have been initial transcripts, but we’re starting to see an uptick in midyear and optional transcripts.

Our goal in creating multiple transcript functionality was to help counselors use their time more efficiently to support their students’ college applications, and we think we’ve achieved that goal. We estimate that since its introduction, MTM has saved eDocs users approximately 20,000 hours of work this application year!


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