According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 80% of high schools require or recognize student community service. Community service and service learning allow students to build context around their education and apply what they learn in school to real life examples while honing 21st century skills such as teamwork and problem solving. This “deeper learning” is an explicit goal of the Common Core, which pushes students to engage in problem solving, explore social issues and develop the ability to evaluate situations and develop solutions.

For schools where service is a requirement, some stipulate as little as ten hours per year, which may seem an easy number to manage on a per student basis. However, multiply 10 hours times 250, 500, or even 2,000 students, and there is serious potential to adversely affect the administrative team. Students also need to be able to locate suitable service opportunities. The best opportunities tug at their heartstrings while fitting into their notoriously busy schedules. Finding these opportunities and perhaps more significantly — scheduling to work there — can be a problem without a digital system.

Knowing the importance of community service and the complexity of management components, x2VOL was conceived and natively built for schools to address every administrative task associated with required or voluntary community service programs. x2VOL is the central communication hub and database where nonprofits, students and school staff manage service hours, while ensuring everyone is working with real-time data. x2VOL allows for strong security, gives flexibility for individual and group needs, enhances real-time communication and allows for immediate reporting with abundant options.

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