More and more, higher education institutions in America are reviewing their admissions and recruitment efforts to develop effective strategies to connect with students who are the best fit for their institutions. Here are just a few of the key issues many admissions directors are grappling with.

Diversity and College Access
Admissions directors do consider race, diversity and college access during the admissions and recruitment process, and many are increasing their efforts to recruit different student groups.

New Approaches
Some colleges are experimenting with new approaches to admissions that move away from the typical reliance on high school grades and standardized test scores. However, many admissions directors are divided on the appeal of such approaches, such as whether standardized test scores should be optional.

Student Enrollment Goals
In today’s higher education landscape there is more pressure than ever to meet enrollment goals, and admissions directors are feeling the stress.

College Debt
Many admissions directors recognize that accumulating college debt while working toward a degree continues to be a concern for students and families. Community college directors also are concerned about prospective students having access to adequate funding for higher education.

For a deeper look at important questions about higher education admissions and recruiting policies and procedures, download the 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College & University Admissions Directors.


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