In 2008, Clover High School, located in a one high school district in South Carolina with approximately 1,800 students and 5 counselors, had a college and career readiness program built entirely on paper and postage. They had difficulty tracking college application forms and acceptance letters, providing parents with confirmation of transcript delivery, compiling year-end and test score reports, and managing mailing costs and fee collections from students. Here’s how they transformed their program from chaos to capability to creativity:

  • For the first year, they implemented Naviance with counselors only
    • They received positive feedback from parents and counselors:
      • Parents loved transcript confirmations.
      • Colleges received supporting documents more quickly than when mailed, resulting in students finding out their admissions decisions sooner.
      • Saving a template of the Secondary School Report made it easier to electronically send customized versions for each student.
      • Mailing costs went down.
      • The staff achieved a higher level of consistency with easy-to-pull reports and a more professional atmosphere.
    • Additionally, at the end of the first year, they had data to show the school board about their improvements, which resulted in getting an additional counselor added to their team
  • In the second year, they moved from chaos to capability by rolling Family Connection out to their students and requiring them to submit forms and make requests through the system
  • Since the beginning of the third year, Naviance has allowed them to put more time into creatively addressing student needs:
    • They hold grade-level specific parents meetings, which have increased in attendance every year.
    • They send e-mail to families on a monthly or weekly basis, or by scholarship availability.
    • The school's College Goal Kickoff event coincides with the first home football game to bring colleges into the school and help students understand financial aid and the college application process.
    • They produced a video to introduce the IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) conferences to students so they are prepared for each meeting.
    • Starbucks for Seniors is a weekly meeting for seniors to touch base in a relaxed, social atmosphere and catch up with the counseling department in December and January.
  • And finally, in this school year, they were able to add yet another counselor to the team, and to focus more counseling time on certain populations of students, like AP and first generation students

Watch Jennifer Forrest’s presentation below for the full details.

Clover High School: From Chaos to Capability to Creativity with Naviance from Hobsons on Vimeo.


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