It’s hard to imagine that 2015 marks the tenth anniversary of Hobsons University. Since joining Hobsons eight years ago (via our ApplyYourself acquisition), I’ve experienced the evolution of Hobsons University from a small client gathering into the exciting 900+ person event that it is today. During the summer of 2007, ApplyYourself completed its first users’ conference in Washington, DC for online application clients. We managed to organize a small event, relieved to have secured a dozen clients to conduct presentations. That same summer, Hobsons held its second annual users’ conference with 250 attendees. Once Hobsons and ApplyYourself joined together in 2008, we had the opportunity to bring all of our CRM and application clients together into one conference, convening over 700 client attendees in Phoenix, Arizona for our third annual Hobsons University.

From that point forward, we recognized the importance of this event for our clients and the need to support the event’s growth. We designed a dedicated planning and execution team to make the event happen, and invested in an amazing, in-house events team. Folks on our planning team are passionate and energized by Hobsons U and truly care about the experience for each and every attendee. We strive to create an event that provides you with invaluable face time with colleagues and Hobsons staff, training and best practice sharing, and information about the future of Hobsons and our solutions. We read every comment in every survey and spend hours brainstorming ways to improve the conference and make it the best event that our clients attend. We aren’t satisfied until you are raving about Hobsons U!

Ten years is an important milestone in the history of Hobsons U, and we will be holding a celebration at Knibbe Ranch in honor of the special occasion. Knibbe Ranch is one of the few remaining ranches that has been owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years in the state of Texas. What better place to commemorate ten years of Hobsons University than in a place that’s been in operation for over 100! Transportation will be provided for attendees to and from the event, where they can get some time outside of the hotel and experience the REAL Texas!

We truly value your partnership and look forward to hosting new and returning attendees at Hobsons University 2015.  

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