“Starfish provides tracking methods that make keeping up with a student’s tailored success plan easy and sustainable.” - Curtis Harrell, Success Planner Administrator and Professor of English, NWACC

As with many community colleges, enrollment at NWACC has seen its ups and downs, and like most community colleges, an economic upturn coincided with an enrollment decline. Faced with a declining enrollment and many at-risk students, including 50% of all freshmen students needing remedial coursework in math, NWACC needed a way to closely track students in an eff ort to increase retention and student success.

Since implementation in 2011, Starfish has been a key element in NWACC’s student retention efforts, and the college has seen:

  • 9% retention rate increase
  • 4% graduation rate increase
  • 54% of at-risk students reached through flags

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