“Starfish’s fundamental communications structure has changed the very nature of our advising.” - Dr. Ruby Hayden, Vice President of Student Services

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) has a long history as a vocational school and is the only public institute of technology in Washington state. LWTech offers a mix of professional certificates and associate degrees, with a majority population of nontraditional students. With an average age of 32, most of LWTech’s students are adults returning to school either for re-training for a new career or advancement in an existing career, and face a broad range of challenges as they try to balance school with many other responsibilities.

The college plans to roll out Starfish to the entire campus in Fall 2018, and will implement Starfish Analytics to demonstrate that faculty who use Starfish have higher persistence rates in their classrooms than those who do not. Download the case study to learn more!

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