“When we saw a 1% retention rate increase after the first semester using Starfish, we realized that the resulting additional revenue more than paid for our Starfish annual license.” - Carolyn Scott, Dean of Students at LSSC

LSSC is largely populated by students juggling school with full-time employment, off -campus housing, and family duties - similar challenges other community or state college students face. “Communicating with and motivating commuter students can be a challenge,” said Carolyn Scott, LSSC’s Dean of Students and Starfish administrator on campus.

Lake-Sumter chose Starfish to provide an online student success solution to connect  students with needed services like academic advising, tutoring, career services, and financial aid – with the goal of improving student success, satisfaction and retention. Download the case study to learn more about how, with Starfish, Lake-Sumter saw:

  • 1% retention increase after one year
  • 3,500 additional student meetings held with academic advising
  • 2% increase in student progress survey response rate
  • 80-90% faculty progress survey completion
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