International Management Institute
International Management Institute (IMI) of Switzerland is a 25-yearold, private university providing hospitality, tourism, and business courses. The Institute provides high-quality trade and business acumen skills for students to manage multiple facets of professional success. 

The Need for a CRM
IMI was searching for a way to recruit students and identify successful recruitment marketing mechanisms. IMI needed to recognise which leads led to international student enrolment, adjust online marketing strategies, and centralise student communication throughout a student’s lifecycle. Using Radius, IMI connects with students as prospective applicants and post-graduation as alumni. IMI uses Radius because it can be hosted without adding additional technology, and integrated with its online marketing efforts using Google AdWords to track leads. 

To complement its recruitment strategy, IMI was searching for a CRM to track online leads and streamline communications. IMI boasts students from 50 countries, each with unique academic transcripts and requirements to study in Switzerland. Radius mitigates enrolment errors by self-guiding applicants throughout their applicant cycle. “The Radius Self-Service Centre allows applicants to do the enrolment on their own: upload their documents and be guided through the application process…if they miss a document or fail to get a visa for Switzerland, then the application fails,” says Christoph Kübler, Head of ICT and Digital Transformation at IMI. 

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